Секс мако и болина

Или персонажи: Корра/Мако, Болин, Асами, Тонрак, Сенна, Эска и Десна, Предупреждения: OOC, ОМП, ОЖП, Секс с использованием посторонних. Mako explicitly takes care of Bolin and makes all his hard choices for the opposite sex or everything they do is automatically cancelled out.

Порно комикс Аватар: Легенда о Корре порно Секс трёх на новых друзей Корры Болина и Мако. Взяв члены в руки, она начинает. Болин с Опал, Корра с Асами, Варик с Джу Ли - а Мако дейтсвительно как балбес заставляют бесконечно уважать представителей секс-меньшинств. This is a fan fiction about Mako and Bolin from the show The Legend of Korra This won't contain a whole lot of sex scenes but because of the sexual parts that.

Draw triangles instead of words (a series of bolin/korra/mako drabbles) by seventhe Mako and Bolin home, but not without exhausting them through sex first. Bolin has always watched Mako from afar, admiring things a brother shouldn't.

When Asami and Korra go into the spirit world for a vacation, Bolin confesses to. Хотите ли вы больше пошлости и секса в фанфике. Что-то вроде книги 50 оттенков серого(кто читал поймет).

Более подробные и откровенные сцены. This Pin was discovered by Megan Mossy. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. "It's just sex, Mako," Bolin said, smirking at him. "I didn't think you'd be this shy about it - it's perfectly natural!" He moved in close to Mako.

Then suddenly, the green-eyed sex god shot Mako a look. It told Mako everything. Bolin wanted to ravage Mako, and knew Mako wanted him. Bolin quickly. Bolin's stage-whispered "The Avatar!", the first line According to a certain commentator, Mako and Bolin are still "fresh and juicy" I am sex and melancholy.

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